Professionalism assessment

For nurses, care givers and healthcare assistants

The Professionalism assessment is an educational workplace-based performance self-assessment that asks questions about competences and performance in a skills hierarchy. The Professionalism assessment for nurses describes in detail at task and acitivity level (i.e. knowledge, skills and attitude) what nurses do, from beginner to expert. The Professionalism assessment was developed after extensive exploration and analysis of the nursing practise. Every nurse completes the assessment from their own perspective. Taking into account their role, domain (i.e. the context where they work), tasks and activities. In the Professionalism assessment we don’t ask for opinions, but for verifiable facts and behavior.

The answers concern types of knowledge, knowledge content and behaviour levels. The Professionalism assessment aims to reflect the nursing practice with a scope that is as inclusive as possible. 

The Professionalism assessment is a performance assessment and comprises 3 modules, 21 rubrics (themes) and 96 items:

  • Nursing & Care: contains 9 rubrics and 43 items
  • Collaboration & Communication: contains 6 rubrics and 24 items
  • Managing & Improving: contains 6 rubrics and 29 items

This performance assessment is structured in a skills hierarchy. The answers to the questions add up to the complexity of professional practice: from beginner, competent, proficient to expert. It is a cumulative scale. I.e. every position (read: answer) is the sum of knowledge, skills and attitude of previous and current position. Reflect on "Where are you now?", your current situation and "Where do you want to go?", your ambition.

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