Professionalism in Nursing Performance assessment

For nurses/care workers/healthcare assistants

Gauge professionalism objectively and create a personal improvement plan for every healthcare professional. The 'Professionalism in Nursing Performance' assessment puts the work floor in motion!

Qualitative big data for businesses

Our latest technology not only enables healthcare organizations to examine, online and in a very short time, what healthcare professionals actually do, but also to give direction to those same healthcare professionals about WHERE they are right now (compared to their colleagues), about WHAT they could improve, WHEN they could do that, HOW they could improve and WHO can help them.

Why gauge professionalism?

For the healthcare professionals themselves (nurses, care worker and healthcare assistants): skilled professionals provide better care, are more satisfied with, and more dedicated to, their jobs, have the opportunity to improve their performance and are happier with their employers.

For the healthcare organizations: a major part of a healthcare organization’s budget is spent on healthcare professionals; their professional attitude will help prevent avoidable errors; gauging and then sharing the knowledge in an organization keeps that knowledge within the organization;
the personal improvement plans produced by the assessment mean that nurses and care workers can be educated by extremely cost-effective means.

“Should be required reading for governors.”
Professor Marieke Schuurmans, professor of Nursing Science at Utrecht University

“Good questions! Food for thought – and action.”
Caregiver, aged 53

“I realized that there were many things we never learnt at school.”
Nurse, aged 22

What you get:

  • A questionnaire based on (inter)national standards
  • Executed in your organization’s colours/logo
  • Sent in your name
  • Individual personal improvement/growth plans for each healthcare professional
  • Leverage of the knowledge already present in your organization
  • One integrated dashboard
  • “Continuous improvement” as use of the assessment is unlimited
  • Fixed low subscription costs based on the number of healthcare professionals

What does it cost?

You pay for the 'Professionalism in Nursing Performance' assessment based on the number of health care professionals that perform the assessment. This includes a graduated scale. Based on the number of health professionals, the number of modules and the number of measurements (single or multi) we will define a project price.

If you would like to see our price list, you can retrieve it by sending an email to

Do you wish to examine the professionalism of the nurses in your healthcare organization? Please contact us. We'll be happy to demonstrate the 'Professionalism in Nursing Performance' assessment to you.

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