Complexity of Care assessment

for nurses

The Complexity of Care assessment maps complexity from 3 perspectives:

  • Care task complexity: contains 11 items, is related to module 1 of the Professionalism assessment
  • Organizational complexity: contains 11 items, is related to module 2 of the Professionalism assessment
  • Administrative complexity: contains 14 items, is related to module 3 of the Professionalism assessment

It is extremely important that the performance of healthcare professionals matches the work they do, the care they provide and the overall organization.

When the areas in an organization where the intensity of care is more complex then the performance of the individuals are identified, adequate action can be taken. For example, efficient education helps performance match the right set and level of competencies and performance.

Added to the Professionalism assessment for nurses, care givers and care assistants are specific questions about the 'complexity of the care'. Combined, they form the 'Intensity of Care' assessment. The questions address the care component, i.e. the immediate care for patients/clients, the organizational component and the administrational component to examine the complexity of the care (three dimensions). The questions are asked from the respondents’ perspective to discover how they see it to assess the complexity of care which they are dealing with. The questions are linked to the different modules in the Professionalism assessment.

In the Intensity of Care assessment we don’t ask for opinions, but for verifiable facts.

Would you like to know more about this assessment?

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