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The three Frenetti assessments 'Professionalism', 'Complexity of Care' and 'Work-learning climate' result in strategic, tactical and operational strategic decision making, policy and taking targeted action in a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. This allows both the employer and the care professional to work on future-proof care professionals who are sufficiently equipped to practice their own profession.


This assessment is structured in a skills hierarchy. The answers to the questions add up to the complexity of professional practice: from beginner, competent, proficient to expert. It is a cumulative scale. I.e. every position (read: answer) is the sum of knowledge, skills and attitude of previous and current position. Reflect on "Where are you now?", your current situation and "Where do you want to go?", your ambition.



Added to the Professionalism assessment for nurses, care givers and care assistants are specific questions about the 'complexity of the care'. Combined, they form the 'Complexity of Care' assessment. The questions address the care
component, i.e. the immediate care for patients/clients, the organizational component and the administrational component to examine the complexity of the care (three dimensions).



The Work-Learning Climate assessment maps complexity from 3 perspectives: Interaction, Content and Incentive. These questions ask about the perspective of (learning) professionals on the work-learning climate. These questions are about essential factors for a powerful work-learning environment. Necessary for individual professionals and the team, in the context of continuous professional development in the workplace.


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