Frenetti partner of Center of Job Knowledge Research

Since 2014 Frenetti is partner of the Center of Job Knowledge Research (CJKR). Freda Vasse is the representative of Frenetti with the CJKR collaboration. Stefan Mol and Gábor Kismihok are some of the co-founders of the Center of Job Knowledge Research. Stefan Mol, Gábor Kismihók and Freda Vasse met each other in 2013 at the special interest group (SIG) Learning Analytics of SURF. Because of a shared interest in Learning Analytics they kept contact and started to collaborate.

Stefan Mol is assistant professor in Organizational Behavior at the Amsterdam Business School of the University of Amsterdam. Gábor Kismihók is postdoctorol researcher at the same faculty and assistant professor at the Corvinus University of Budapest. Gábor is also member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Professinalism in Nursing scan, established in December 2014 because of the perspectives of this scan international.

The main goal of CJKR – Big Data, Job Analysis and Job-Person-Education Fit

“The Center of Job Knowledge Research is a multidisciplinary thinktank and research incubator that aims to engage stakeholders from academia, industry, and government to elucidate how job knowledge may be used to facilitate individual, organization, and nation level person-education-workplace matching processes.”

CJKR_researchStefan Mol and Gábor Kismihók are also members of Eduworks. Eduworks is a research and training network funded by European Union’s Marie Curie Initial Training Network. Researchers focus on labour market matching processes from the point of view of five disciplines: Labour Economics; Sociology of Occupations; HRM; Lifelong Learning and Knowledge Management.

Better matching through bigger data

“The objective of EDUWORKS is to train talented early-stage researchers in the socioeconomic and psychological dynamics of the labour supply and demand matching processes at aggregated and disaggregated levels. EDUWORKS brings together researchers from several academic disciplines, namely: Labour Economics, Sociology of Occupations, HRM, Lifelong Learning.”

Freda Vasse of Frenetti was invited to attend the EDUWORKS workshop in Amsterdam on July 08, 2015.

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