Frenetti on a healthcare mission to Houston and Austin

Frenetti joins Task Force Health Care on a healthcare mission to Texas, USA. Together with other companies that are active within the field of healthcare we will visit a number of hospitals in Houston and Austin. The mission is led by Erik Gerritsen, Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

Who is joining the mission?

Companies and organizations active in the Life Sciences & Health sector, particularly in the areas of eHealth / Digital Health, Mobility & Vitality and Medical Devices. In our 6 day trip we will get many insights from the health sector in Texas. Read more about this healthcare mission (in Dutch).

View the program of our healthcare mission (in English)

Our company presentation

We will present Frenetti, our goals, mission and products to policy staff, stakeholders and potential business partners. Here you can view our pitch slide:

Photos from the healthcare mission:

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