Frenetti invited to take part in STTI European Conference

Marie-Louise Luiking, President of STTI Rho Chi at Large’ has invited us to participate in the upcoming STTI European Conference which is to be held at the University of Utrecht from 6 – 8 June 2016.

Not only will we be present there with a stand to promote our ProfessionalismScan (NursingScan), we will also be one of the speakers during the conference.

Freda VasseWhere and when is our presentation?

Monday 8th of June, Freda Vasse will talk about ‘Development and validation of the Professionalism in nursing scan’ in the Kanunnikenzaal from 5:00 to 6:00 PM. View the full schedule here

About the STTI European Conference

The theme this year is ‘Leadership in nursing scholarship, Practice and Education: how to impact nursing as a caring profession globally.’

The conference aims to:

  • Bring together nurses from diverse clinical and academic settings from Europe and the rest of the world to stimulate networking and collaboration among STTI members and others.
  • Enable participants to understand the role of Learning, Leadership and Research in nursing and the role of STTI in developing nursing.
  • Promote and develop global excellence in nursing knowledge.

To stimulate networking and debate, the conference will include a variety of keynote papers, concurrent sessions, posters, and workshops, and a lively social program. On Tuesday evening there will be a special event. Guests are welcome!

More information

More information on the STTI European Conference can be found on this website. Do you wish to attend this conference? Go directly to registration.

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