Frenetti and Consortium

Frenetti has been invited for an associated partnership with the Pro-Nursing Consortium, effective by January 26th, 2016. The Consortium of Project Pro-Nursing, consists of the University of Siegen, Amsterdam Business School (ABS), University of Amsterdam and the Beta Klinik, Bonn.

The consortium is represented by Prof. Dr. –Ing. Madjid Fathi from the Institute of Knowledge Based Systems at the Universität Siegen.

How will we contribute?

Frenetti, as one of the associated partners (AP), will contribute to the promotion, implementation, monitoring, evaluation activities and/or sustainable development of Pro-Nursing consortium.

What is the Pro-Nursing Project?

Pro-Nursing is an European project which is funded with support of European Commission under the program of Erasmus +. Click here for project information. Pro-Nursing provides a system for presenting nursing tasks and knowledge and show how these two islands meet eachother. Read more here. Have a look at the committee of the symposium here.

In the context of Pro-Nursing, Frenetti and other AP’s shall promote the Pro-Nursing’s products through participating in the usability, pilot-testing and Pro-Nursing workshop in 2016. The Pro-Nursing consortium supports research and educational activities in cooperation with Frenetti and other associate partners, e.g. scientific publications, supervision of student theses, applying for grants and collaborative proposals.

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